Spring 2020

School re-opening June 1 - FAQ's
- Updated May 20 based on what we know now.  Things may change as we learn more.

What will the schedule look like?
The part time schedule will be 2 days a week, with our usual school times 8:45 to 2:30. Once we know who is returning, teachers will communicate the schedule for your child.



Children of TIER 1, 2, and 3 essential service workers will be able to be in school 5 days a week to allow those people to get back to work. complete the form sent home May 20 for this.


What will the class structure be?
Students will be in class with their usual classroom teacher (2 days a week) and up to ½ of their classmates at a time. Teachers will spend time in class and outside. Classrooms will be decluttered to allow for easy movement and daily cleaning of surfaces.


What will happen at recess and lunch?

During recess and lunch outside play times they will be mixed with other classes, perhaps 10 classes at a time spread across our property.  The play structures will be open, but kids will be encouraged to minimize contact with each other.  During eating times, kids will be supervised by their classroom teachers.


How will we promote safety in school?
Please read T
he BC Public Health Guidance for K-12 school settings  released today. Dr. Henry is declaring it is now safe to open schools under these guidelines, just like she closed schools on March 31.  We are making plans under these guidelines and our own staff health and safety protocols


How will we manage pick up and drop off?

Students will meet their teachers on the back field, do attendance, and enter the school as a class, when it's their turn.  At the end of the day, students will be dismissed from the same location


What will home learning look like?
Teachers will provide home learning for those not attending.  They will have one day a week without students at school for this, and will continue to use online programs and resources that are self-paced as they are now.  Activities at home and school will have some overlap, as teachers can accommodate.


Will Wee Care or boys and girls club be open?
We still don’t know.  They are a separate business run in our schools.  The district is contacting them and other after school care providers about opening but I don’t know their plans yet. You should contact your childcare provider for information.


Can we change our minds?
If you change your mind after a week or more we will do our best to accommodate your child in the following week.  It will take time to fit the schedules together but we will do our best.

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