Registration for next year

Please look at the details below as they relate to your children:

  • Kindergarten: See the attachment for details
    • If you have a child turning 5 in 2020, you can register them for Robb Road on Feb 11-13. Just bring their birth certificate and care card to the office anytime from 8:00 to 3:15. There is no need to come in early, siblings get priority.
    • If you have friends, family or neighbors have a child turning 5 in 2020, they can register on Feb. 18-20, starting at 7:30 AM.  Please o forward the attachment to them.
  • Grade 1-7
    • If you have a child continuing with us in grade 1-6 next year, you have NOTHING TO DO.  We will keep them registered and place them in a class for next year.
    • If you are moving away, please contact myself or the office to let us know.  We will assist you in the transition.
    • If you have friends, family or neighbors interested in joining Robb Road in grade 1-7 next year.  We start accepting registrations on Feb 3. (they need to already be in French Immersion)
  • Grade 8
    • If your child is continuing in French immersion , you will get a course selection form in April.  You just complete that with your child and we do the rest.
    • If your child is NOT CONTINUING in French immersion, you will need to contact their neighborhood secondary school to register them.  We can help ni the transition.
Here are some of the other answers you might need about kindergarten...
  • Who can register?  Anyone within the Comox Valley, we don't have boundaries for French immersion.  Siblings of CURRENT Robb Road students get priority.
  • What do I need?  Your child's birth certificate AND care card to prove they are born in 2015.
  • How many kindergarten students do we take?  60
  • Do I need to be there to register?  If you are out of town on the date of registration, you can have a friend or family member come here to register with the documents listed above.  If you have nobody in town, you can email registrations at noon on the date.
Any other questions?  Just call 250-339-6864 or email us.